NEWS FLASH 0100 utc December 31 - Big Fish arrives into Lautoka, YAG aid is properly offloaded and staged ashore.  Fiji Red Cross and local DISMAC will be working close with Yachting Partners Fiji on distribution phase.  The Big Fish support to move aid has been completed.  We all extend a massive THANK YOU to the Captain and crew for their hard work.  Next we will enter the distribution phase and we will post information to this site as it is received.

Media inquiries contact Carol Dunlop  or YachtAid Global

The photo below is the main salon of Big Fish at sea filled with aid !!

aid in main saloon




Welcome to Project Big Fish, another unique aid effort by YachtAid Global

Cyclone EVAN wrecked Fiji during December 17 – 18,  2012.

Big Fish departed Auckland on December 26 bound for Fiji.  They carried aid to help the people of Fiji.

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These are the companies that are working hard to make this international relief effort a reality:

  • Motor Yacht Big Fish, Captain Winston and his crew
  • C2C inc, Superyacht Support, Yacht Partners Fiji, Yacht Help Fiji

These are the rock star volunteers that put in a lot of hard work to move cargo around in Auckland.  Thank you everyone!

  • James Cackett
  • Thomas Kingsmill
  • Thomas Macfarliane
  • Grace Tobin
  • Georgia Rogers
  • Diane Dobbs
  • Mitchell Webb

These are some of the donors as of December 30 ( apologies for any omitted )

And this is the simplified list of what has been collected, totaling over $ 50,000 nzd and 20 tons !!

  • GO2 Fuel Additive to run from Auckland to Fiji with better fuel economy
  • 129 black bags of clothes
  • 24 boxes medical supplies
  • 24 bags  of 2 paper hand towels
  • 23 boxes hand towel dispensers
  • 15 boxes toilet paper dispenser
  • 4 tissue packs
  • 108 x 8 rolls of toilet paper
  • 38 boxes of tinned or dried food
  • 28 boxes children’s stationary
  • 15 boxes books
  • 20 x water 20l
  • 5 mattresses
  • 1 tennis set
  • 3 boxes tools and nails
  • 9 boxes kitchen equipment
  • 5 boxes baskets and buckets
  • 3 portable generators

This is a notable project and firmly proves the hidden potential for the Superyacht fleet to move aid in times of need.

Thank you everyone to date that has had any major or minor role in Project Big Fish.

Best regards,

Mark Drewelow, Founder – YachtAid Global